Hand made knives by Stuart Kendig

I believe life is too short to carry and ugly knife. I work to make the knife an object of beauty, using the finest available materials, and maintaining the functional purpose of a particular knife for a particular job. As a retired architect, I find the adage that "form follows function" is as true for a simple object like a knife as it is for an architectural project. The fun part of creating a knife is that it is small and finite object. It is a pleasure, and a luxury, to be able to focus on this small object and transform a mundane object into something that embodies creativity, thoughtfulness, and craftsmanship. My knives, including either a display stand or a leather sheath, are hand made by me using mostly simple tools and each knife project challenges me to improve my skills. I have a few knives for sale, and I am showing some sold knives as examples that you may want to order.

I enjoy making these knives and I enjoy designing these knives. I am particularly interested in executing the decorative filework that I include on most of my projects. I have a video that you may enjoy about creating the firework at:
http://youtu.be/eW6E-27oAbk After a knife is finished I will design and complete a leather sheath for most knives. Working with leather is so different from working with steel that I also enjoy the contrast in working with a much more malleable material. I envision that some of my knives are most likely to be collector pieces and for these I design and build a display stand to show the knife at its best.

Thanks for looking at my work.
Stuart Kendig
York, PA

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